Market Report e commerce: Where is the global business?

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What is a particularly interesting market for my online business? Which channels are most important? When do the customers order? The eCommerce-Blog Remarkety published the Top 10 in eCommerce, trends and the latest figures from the national markets.

The Chinese market may continue to settle net in terms of volume – for 2019 even a trillion US dollars is here forecast to sales. The number two in online trading are the US with well over 300 billion US dollars in sales (in 2014). Unlike China, where already half of the customers ordered mobile, in the USA currently about 70% of the customers still use the PC.

UK is the largest EU market and number three worldwide. Again, the PC is the main distribution channel. The time after 6 pm is the rush hour in eCommere: Then more than one-third of goods are sold. Germany is behind Japan, the number 5 worldwide. Here mobile phone and tablet sales are contributing not more than 25 % in eCommerce. Unlike UK in Germany the strongest sales period is the time before 12 noon. In France in general fewer people than in Germany use the Internet and and if they shop online they clearly prefer French websites. Only 19% of the total will go to foreign traders.

In contrast to Canada: The world’s number 8 also offers potential for international eCommerce shops: Nearly 30 billion US dollars is the local eCommerce market worth, close to half (45%) goes to Non-Canadian offerings.

Not in the top ten dive the important EU markets, Italy and Spain. They belong with a transaction volume of more than 30 billion US dollars at least on the continent to the big players in eCommerce.