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Does Deutsche Payment offer checkout solutions (point of sale or POS)?

Deutsche Payment offers POS solutions as part of our diversified services portfolio. We offer merchants POS terminals to rent or buy, with which all major payment cards can be accepted. The following cards are compliant with our terminals:

Which countries does DP offer payment solutions for?

Merchants from the entire SEPA region are supported with our solutions. Countries outside the SEPA region, such as Great Britain and non-EU (Turkey, Switzerland, Norway), are also supported. The U.S. and Canada is a major region for our payment services. Our travel solutions range worldwide and our credit card acceptance services are available to merchants in 50 different countries. Contact us directly to find out whether we can find a payment solution for your business.

Is merchant and customer data secure in Deutsche Payment’s system?
Merchant and customer data cannot be seen by us – customer data is shown encrypted in the gateway, so that no full payment information is ever disclosed. Merchant data is also encrypted in our system upon entry. We adhere fully to Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards in this respect and do not take security risks lightly.
Is there a minimum amount of merchant turnover required?
No merchant is exempted from our consultations; however, we do recommend a minimum annual turnover of €100,000 for merchants to maximize their profit with our services.
Deutsche Payment offers all major credit cards, Giropay, and Sofortüberweisung. Country-specific payment types (iDeal and MisterCash) and alternative payment methods such as PayPal are also included in our services portfolio.
Die Deutsche Payment bietet alle gängige Kreditkarten, Giropay, Sofortüberweisung, länderspezifische Zahlarten sowie iDeal, MisterCash und alternative Zahlarten sowie PayPal an.
How can I give a refund?
Refunds can be made through the merchant login in our gateway, using the virtual terminal or via API call.
How often will I receive payouts?
Payouts can either be made out to the merchant weekly or monthly. Most merchants choose weekly payouts, which are paid out on the same day every week.
As a merchant, can I accept payments over the telephone?
With Deutsche Payment, payments over our mail order/telephone order (MOTO) system can be accepted without any issue.
Is my customers’ financial data secure with Deutsche Payment?
Yes, the gateway is PCI-certified. All data is transmitted over secure systems, and all funds are transferred over EU-certified financial services providers to the merchant’s bank account of choice.
How does money go from the customer to me?
Depending on the transaction type, money is transferred from the customer’s bank to the acquiring bank. The money is then paid out on a weekly basis from the acquiring bank to the merchant-specified bank account.
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