Christine Beuchel


No cash? No problem! – Exploring the differences in payment preferences between the UK and Germany

Payment services are something that affect us all, even though we may not always think about it. Getting paid or paying someone else is a vital […]

Credit Card Chargebacks – a Calculated Risk for Merchants with the Right Partner

A chargeback for credit card payments is nothing more than a return debit in the traditional banking system. A chargeback is initiated by the credit card […]

New Security Rules for Payments in Online Shops

Since  November 2015 new safety rules for paying online stores apply. The new rules are set up to fight cybercrime. The guidelines apply from a payment-sum […]

Market Report e commerce: Where is the global business?

What is a particularly interesting market for my online business? Which channels are most important? When do the customers order? The eCommerce-Blog Remarkety published the Top […]

Online Brand Piracy – is the shop legit?

The most common form of counterfeiting in national and international trade is brand piracy. This sub-category is limited to the imitation of trademarks. It is a […]

Summary: Interchange rates in the EU

In the financial services sector, interchange fees are interlinked with all credit/debit cards and subsequent transactions. But what is the interchange really, and how does its […]